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Activity : School Sports Day – 2798

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Highlights of the retro sports day

Here are the highlights of your school sports day:

  • Variety of Mini games
  • Classic Prizes
  • Professional Event Coordinator
  • All Of The Specialist Equipment
  • Minimum Group Size is 10

Classic School Sports Day Games

You're back to your golden primary school days, not a care in the world but today is the day you've been waiting for all year long! You've already printed and laminated your certificate and you've been testing out your champ-face in the mirror all week long! Our friendly and experienced staff will ensure you and your team will have a fantastic day and will bring along all of the equipment including prizes!

We all remember the days when we competed in the yearly school sports wearing our very best pumps and green bib. Running as fast as we could to get extra points for our teams and achieving hero status with our friends. There was nothing quite like the feeling of being asked to join the rest of the team on stage in assembly to raise the trophy.

Well here is the chance to revisit that moment or for those who never took stage at the end it is their moment to shine. This school sports day, activity incorporates all the games that we loved to hate.

Bring out your inner child with this blast from the past event, which everyone can really enjoy and get stuck into; we guarantee it will really have your team in stitches all the way to the headmaster’s office, just don’t forget your kit otherwise you might have to do it in your pants!

All of the games during the day are exactly how you remember – just without the grumpy teachers and the school bully. So this is your chance to take part in some competitive sporting activities with the aim of winning medals, prizes and pride. An event that you will always remember.

On arrival you will be split into houses and then compete in classic games such as the egg and spoon race, sack races and more!

Our retro school sports day is ideal for large groups and we can tailor the experience to your dynamic.


Egg & Spoon Race

Each team will line up with a plastic egg and spoon and will then have to race to one end and back! When you make it back, carefully switch hands with your team-mate and then cheer on the rest of your team!

Sack race

This next challenges your spring! Climb into our retro potato bags and hop to the finish line before your opponents!


Remember those sunny days out in the garden bouncing around on an inflatable space hopper? This time you'll be bouncing around our track!


Climb in and skip your way around our tracks in our hoola-hoops!

The above games are just a sample that are on offer, we are constantly working on new mini-games which vary in each location.


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