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Activity : Bristol Multi Activity Site – BRI9206

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What's Included?

Here are the highlights of the Bristol Multi Activity Day:

  • Specialist Equipment
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Discount available when booking more than 1 activity
  • Lunch available on site
  • Minimum Group Size is 10

Bristol Multi Activity Site

If you are looking for a compact activity day out in Bristol - this is the venue for you! The outdoor pursuits centre is situated just 20 minutes from the centre of Bristol and can be found easily from any direction. We offer packages with the following activities.

Quad Biking

Have a go at quad biking that is simple to learn and impossible to master. By using our automatic bikes, you don't need a lengthy brief before you get going. Out onto the course and around our 750m custom built sports race course, you need control and balance. Lumps, bumps and humps galore in this truly extreme sport.

Off Road Rebel Buggies

Come and experience the ultimate in off road karting with our REBEL off road racing buggies.

Rebel buggies are the latest off road karts to be developed with enhanced features this buggy really does knock all the others off the top spot. Some say it even handles better than the infamous Rage Buggy. We'll let you make up your own mind.

Our custom made tracks have been designed to test your confidence and overall driving ability. Race against the clock and see who really can keep their calm in these speed machines.

Clay Shooting

A true country sport, real clay shooting, real guns, real shots. Keeping your eye on the target, fire away at the curving clays as they hurtle through the sky. A popular activity and great fun whatever your ability.
Full instruction and a safety briefing are given at the start, so you do not need any experience to enjoy the sport. We can also offer laser clay shooting at this venue for a slightly cheaper price, the activity operates in the same way but instead of clay, a rubber disc fitted with a sensor is fired into the air, avoiding the noise pollution and the high costs of bullets and clays.

Laser Clay Shooting

Experience the thrill of clay shooting without all the noise and recoil, and with the added benefit of up to five people shooting at the same time. Enjoy the sport whilst moving through various positions allowing you to shoot at various simulated birds, a simple going away and driven target with a more challenging crossing bird. Our laser clays also offer different gaming scenarios with skill shot too speed rounds, with results coming up on the electronic scoreboard

4X4 Blindfold Off Road Driving and Reverse Steer

Using a 4x4 vehicle, a blindfolded driver negotiates a course while being guided by one of their colleagues. It's defiantly not as easy as you think!
Good communication and bags of trust are required, not to mentioned nerves of steel from the instructor.

Reverse steer does exactly what it says on the tin, you steer right and you go left, so guess what happens if you steer left? This always brings on fits of abuse from all your so called friends.

Assault Rifles

With a variety of .22 Assault rifles on offer such as the famous Heckler & Koch MP5 or 416, this is an experience rarely found on our shores and normally requires a trip to Eastern Europe. Get to handle these awesome guns with one to one tuition from our experienced instructors. Zero your sights on the practice targets, with the help of your team mates on the spotting scope.


Think of this as archery on steroids, your group will have the opportunity to shoot at some of the following - Exploding, Moving and Popping Targets. We would have 2 to 4 people shooting at any one time, there would be a practice round and a competition round.

Human Table Football

Human Table football in Bristol is a fantastic activity to get the whole group together. Played in a 50 by 20 foot inflatable arena, you have the chance to play table football on a grand scale. You will be attached to a bar allowing you to only move sideways, just like the real thing.


Once you've got your head around how these 2 wheeled vehicles stay upright, just step on and experience a whole new method of transport.


Fancy something that really gets the team working at a cost-efficient rate? Our custom built paintballing site in Bristol is designed to make competitors take risks in order to win the battle. Play with or against your friends and get your head in the game!

Axe Throwing

We will be running this event with American Tomahawk’s. Throwing them at wooden targets with different scoring zones, practice and competition over different distances. There will be 2 people throwing at any one time.

Knife Throwing

We will be running this event with Throwing Knifes. Throwing them at wooden targets with different scoring zones, practice and competition over different distances. There will be 2 people throwing at any one time.


Fancy something slightly different from your standard archery then cross bows could be the activity for you. The only requirement is nerves of steel and a steady hand to ensure you are hitting the bullseye every time!

These weapons are powerful bits of kit pulling over 150lb when drawn so not to be underestimated! You will have the chance to shoot at our conventional targets as well as a few exploding surprises on the way!

You will receive a full safety briefing before you start, and instruction to help you achieve those all-important scores to keep you top of the table.

We can also include lunch for your group. Just let us know if you would like it included

Please remember to say which activities you would like in the additional comments section after enquiring.