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Activity : Brighton Water Sports Team Building Day – BTN2316

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Here are the highlights of the Brighton Water Sports Team Building Day:

  • Experienced Instructors
  • Full use of equipment
  • Wetsuits and Wetshoes
  • Centrally Located Venue
  • Winners medals
  • Tailored Event
  • Minimum group size is 20 people

The Ultimate Brighton Watersports Team Building!

So what's included with your Brighton water sports team building event...

Each event is different, tailored to your group size, time and preferences to maximise your company enjoyment along with getting the appropriate team building message across, such as communication, team development, etc, however, we try to make the watersports day as fun as possible! The watersport events always start with a safety briefing and then an overview for the day from the lead instructor.

The Ultimate Team Building Day in Brighton - The Activities


At the watersport centre we have 3 wakeboarding cables that tow on a continuous loop operated by our qualified instructors. Whether you're looking at taking your first steps on the water or if you're looking to improve your already awesome skill set, you'll be surprised as to what you can achieve in just one lesson!

Laser Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy Sailing has something for everyone, whether it your first time sailing with light wind cruising or crashing through ocean swells. It's great exercise, a huge amount of fun, thrilling and you'll be off in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to advances both in equipment and teaching techniques, you can now experience the excitement and thrill that a seasoned sailor experiences instantaneously, and it's all in Brighton and Hove!

With the water sport centre enjoying 16 years experience as a leading RYA Training centre offering you a superb location, the latest equipment and most importantly, friendly, professional and 'real-world' tuition from experienced instructors Dinghy sailing in Brighton has to be on your Mega Park list.


Utilising the one of the UK's best location, great instructors and top equipment you will be walking on water before you know it. Well not quite but you will be windsurfing in no time.

The instructor will use a dry land simulator to help you grasp the basic skills before heading out on the water to practice. And with the shelter of the lagoon which is just 3-4ft deep even the most water sensitive people will feel confident to finally go windsurfing a go!

Problem Solving and team building

Team members will compete in a series on problem solving challenges. Each challenge will earn the team points that will be converted to pounds to spend in the raft building store. The more each team earns the more choice of raft building equipment they will have.

A very small sample of possible team building activities:

Bomb disposal - teams must remove the bomb from the danger zone to the disposal zone without touching the bomb or entering either zone.

Tyres - Move 5 tyres from point post A - B - tyres numbered 1-5. There are 3 posts only one tyre can be moved at one time and you cannot place a high number tyre on a lower one.

Swampy Island - A series of Islands placed out in the 'river'. You have 4 planks , the team has to get from one side of river to the other staying dry and bring over all the planks.

Skis - moving team from A - B using the skis - but there's a trick involved.

Kayaking and Paddle boards

Grab a paddle and with some guidance you'll be cruising across the water. Either as part of the new craze straight from Hawaii of 'Stand up Paddle boarding' or the more traditional sit down version of kayaking. Both are fun, suitable for all and easy to pick up. After your training session you have the choice to add some competition to the day and compete in kayak water polo! We also have a new giant stand up paddle board which requires teams to race across the lagoon using balance, pace and communication skills!

The Raft Build

Use the tokens your team has won on the previous challenges wisely to create the best racing raft.

It is not always those with the most tokens that create the race winning raft. Using your earnings from the previous challenges you will purchase equipment to build and style a raft which will be raced in the Lagoon Derby.

Your team will need to design your raft with the aim of making it around a course on Hove Lagoon. You will need to build your raft to be fast but most importantly stable. The rafts will be raced as part of the Lagoon Derby.

Brighton Mega Water Sports Team Building Finale

The Lagoon Derby

Each team will compete in the Lagoon Derby race. The Lagoon derby counts for double points!

This will involve:

  • Teams deciding which members of the teams should take part thus giving the team the best chance of winning.
  • Each team will have to navigate a course which will involve nominated members :
  • Sailing your dinghy
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking and SUP
  • Paddling your raft

The Results

The positions will be decided by combining the scores for the yacht sailing, powerboating, team building, raft building and the Lagoon Derby

Top three teams will make it to the podium to be awarded with Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. Gold medal team will each receive watersports training voucher to fund future training.

Includes full instruction from qualified sailing instructors and is a great introduction into both water sports and fun team building.

  1. Availability: Brighton and Hove
  2. We can change team building activities for your requirements
  3. We can split the day with Sailing (yachts) and Power boating or powerboats Boats*