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Events : Brighton Bavaria Sailing – BTN2663

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Whats Included?

Here is what it is included in your sailing day.

  • Skipper
  • Yacht Charter
  • Safety Equipment
  • Specialist Equipment


Sail aboard a luxury yacht, accommodating up to 12 guests.

The new Bavaria Cruiser 45 is the flagship for mid-size yachts.

The design highlights include, predictably, the largest bathing platform in her class, electrically raised and lowered (very James Bond) and twin rudders.

With so much beam aft, twin rudders are necessary to ensure predictable steering at higher angles of heel, which a centreline single rudder could only achieve through a very deep draft.

This yacht is cavernous below decks. 3 double cabins, 3 heads and showers, all en suite, and the master suite has the shower room to port, and the head and basin separately to starboard.

Outrageously civilised. Couple the on-board amenities with impressive sailing performance, massive storage in the cockpit area and the 45 is a true blue water passage maker.

Every yacht comes with a skipper and with a little practice they are easy to master.

Sample Itinerary

To give you an idea of a typical half day:

You will arrive at Brighton Marina complex and be welcomed on board by your skipper who will give you an outline of the general programme and allocate initial crew roles.

It's then time to motor out of the Marina and then our yacht masters will provide sail tuition, which will include helming, raising and trimming of sails.

The session will be spent getting to grips with the basics of sailing under the watchful eye of one of our yacht masters.

A fantastic experience aboard a mid sized luxury yacht where you will sail along the Brighton Coast, cruising past the piers and be given the privilege to see Brighton from the big blue.