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Activity : Bournemouth Country Pursuits Site – BOU10286

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Here are the highlights of the Bournemouth Country Pursuits Site:

  • A range of activities on one site
  • Experienced instructors
  • All safety and specialist equipment
  • Minimum group size is 10 people

The Bournemouth country pursuits site is the ideal destination for groups wanting an action packed, adrenaline-fuelled day. Take advantage of a range of thrilling activities on a 180 acre farm. Hen and stag groups can choose a number of activities to take part in...

Quad Biking

Quad biking sessions are perfect for beginners and experienced drivers alike. You'll be shown how to ride the quad safely and confidently. You will begin the session on a flat track to check your understanding of driving the quad before the final challenge, hitting the main 1½ mile track. The track is set to thrill complete with sets of humps, steep hills, long straights, sweeping bends and tight curves; it has it all!

Our fleet of Yamaha Grizzly bikes are the perfect vehicle to tackle the rugged and varied terrain. The 125cc engine produces bags of torque and the off-road tyres provide astounding levels of traction. Hold tight!

Polaris Ace

Take a single seat buggy, combine it with the off road ability of a quad bike and the user friendliness of an automatic dirt buggy and you have a Polaris Ace. It's the dream machine for thrill seakers with its nimble handling and unbeatable driver experience.

Mini Mavriks

These Mini's are equipped with full race harness, roll cage and legendary handling and they’re beautifully finished in British Racing Green. For those of you that have never driven on a dirt track you're in for something special. Our 3/4 mile circuit is like a skid pan and the addition of a little water will test your car control to the limit. Seriously, this isn't for the faint hearted.

(Note: Must have experience of manual gears)

Hovercraft Driving

We run a fleet of three single seat Formula 2 Eagle Hovercrafts fitted with 500cc two stroke Rotax engines.

These incredible crafts are capable of over 40 mph! They are very difficult to handle, steering is tricky and breaking is difficult (becasue you have no breaks!). Hovercrafts are sure to test your driving (and flying) skills to the limit. Our instructors teach you everything you need to succeed; think fast, act early and you will have the flight of your life!


With individual tuition to maximise your shooting skills, you'll be the next Robin Hood in no time. You might be able to hit the bulls, but can you split an arrow on our Olympic spec targets?


Crossbows can seriously pack a punch as they can draw weight of 150lbs! You will be shooting at static targets with the latest Barnett compound crossbows, which are easy to handle and are equipped with telescopic sights. Hold steady as the bolt accelerates to 245 feet per second before smashing into the target!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

You'll need great reflexes and hand-eye coordination for this activity.

Shout “Pull”, and the clay comes whizzing out… Blink and you’ve missed it!

Stay calm, listen to your instructor and you’ll feel the incredible satisfaction of blasting the clay out of the sky.

You'll have individual tutoring to ensure that even those shooting for the first time can hit their target! We have a range of Beretta and Browning shotguns in .410, 20 & 12 bore and use whichever is best to help you hit the assortment of clays fired from our automatic Bowman Supermatch Eight clay pigeon trap.

Air Rifles

Take to the 15m shooting range with German engineered Wiehrauch .22 air rifles, equipped with 3-9 x 40 telescopic sights. The range features a variety of targets from Olympic spec competition targets, to knockdown animals, colour splash targets and exploding blanks.

Our experienced instructors are on hand to help you out and give you the best possible air rifle shooting experience possible.