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Activity : Bedfordshire Activity Site – BDF2414

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Here are the highlights for the Bedfordshire Activity Site:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Instructions for experienced tutors
  • Minimum group size is 10 people

If you're looking for an outdoor centre that has a range of thrilling experiences all in one place, the Bedfordshire Activity Site is just what you're looking for. Plan your day with the following activities...

Clay Pigeon Shooting

There's no feeling that quite compares to the sense of achievement of breaking your first clay. Most people leave the activity site having surpassed what they expected to achieve in the clay shooting range.

We have highly experienced shooting instructors on site to help teach every member in your group how to shoot, and more importantly, how to hit your target.  Our attention to detail, and customer service will make sure that your guests will remember this experience forever.

Each event is tailored to the skill level of the shooters so that beginners can have a taste of braking clays whilst the more experienced shooters are challenged. There is a huge variety of different targets to master so there really is something to suit everyone.

Air Rifle Range

Air rifle shooting is a classic activity that has a number of variations. We have the traditional round air rifle targets for scoring in the competition as well as “drop down” targets (shoot them and they drop, shoot them again and they pop back up!) at various distances which never fail to raise both a laugh and a bit of a challenge as they move across your sights.


Archery is an exteremely enjoyable activity suitable for everyone. The archery range requires both skill and a steady hand in order to make your mark. Don't be disheartened if a few wayward arrows appear though - practise makes perfect!

We have a 30ft range, and 18lb bows, which are light and easy to use but can still send an arrow “swift and true”, assuming you point it in the right place! Our experienced instructors will ensure you hit that bull!

4x4 Off Road Driving

Our custom built off road course has been designed with varying drivers abilities in mind. You'll navigate over a range of rugged and testing terrain. Each vehicle is roll caged to ensure you're pushed to conquer the steepest of slopes!

Steep slopes also mean steep declines and we even have a Land Rover sized seesaw. Now, that is a sight worth seeing – especially from the “jump seat”, located in the back of each vehicle for your friends to ride in!

Quad Bike Assault Course

The quad bike assault course is quite special. Each bike is fitted with a concave tray and the idea is to get all the way around the course balancing a tennis ball in your tray.

This may sound easy but with steps, ramps, a see saw and even a chain bridge to negotiate you may just have your work cut out – and that's before you get to the sleepers, limbo and ladders!

This course is for thinkers – not just petrol heads....