The Day I Beat The Boss at the Shooting Range

Published on Apr 18, 2016

Edinburgh Shooting Range

Edinburgh Shooting Range

At the beginning of April, the boss and I ventured up from our office in Brighton to the complete opposite end of the country, to beautiful Edinburgh. Whilst we were in Edinburgh we had to endure an award winning lunch, sleep in ginormous mansion houses and fire some pretty awesome guns at an awesome Edinburgh shooting range alongside a Scottish national skeet shooter. I hate my job.

As we raced up the multi mile-long driveway in our subpar rental car, it was evident that this was one of our most prestigious Edinburgh shooting ranges. We embraced the warmth of the coal fire in the clubhouse as we met and conversed with Paul (the boss) and then browsed the clay shooting site. The venue is completely desolate in the farmlands, surrounded by phenomenal views of rural Scotland. There were four shooting areas, blocked off by fine wooden walls. On either side were two clay slingers for both down the line and Olympic ABT shooting events. Each person took their shots, reloaded and then rotated.

After the clay shooting, we unbuckled the locks and headed down into the Edinburgh shooting range, where we were met with our veteran instructor. In movie like fashion, the lights flicked down the range revealing hanging, wounded, cut outs. The range had six aisles all equipped with a screen and camera so you can see where you shot on the target. I was up first, using a scoped semi-automatic 10-shot rifle and a body full of raging testosterone, my manliness had never been higher. I took a breath, closed one eye, remembered back to all of my call of duty training and proceeded in firing off the first, hitting just left of the target. I then fired two more just left and then hit the shot. Guided by our instructor I managed to get closer and closer to the bulls eye.

Justin then took the reins and hit the target twice at the bottom left and then eventually hit the bull. On my second round I shot with the infamous “Golden Boy,” the unscoped, gold plated, western style rifle. It was significantly harder to aim up the target without the scope, with my eye constantly changing focus. I fired wide on my first three attempts and then continuously hit red 5 times in a row. Deadly.

Justin, clearly not coping well with the pressure of losing, opted not to use Golden Boy, and went for the easier scoped option. Admittedly he did hit the target a few more times than me previously, and went for the smaller top left target next. As you can see below, he only hit it once out of ten, which we still haven’t decided whether this is classed as a success. My opinion: I’m a better shot. He disagrees (obviously).