A big thank you from a happy corporate client

Published on May 19, 2009

Country Pursuits corporate entertainment day out

Corporate Entertainment Client Testimonial

So why are we shouting about this corporate entertainment day out? Well we work very hard to make sure our clients and your clients, as this is the case on this occasion, have a fab time. Stress free hassle free.

We understand it’s your reputation on the line and possible business relationship with your client ruined if we get it wrong.

So what type of corporate event did they participate in on this occasion? It was for a teambuilding day and they wanted a country pursuit’s experience.

So the client drove the infamous rage off road buggies, 4×4 off road driving on the technical course and finished off the day with quad biking. They were met with bacon sandwiches and oodles of tea and coffee and a buffet lunch option after the corporate event finished. It all took place at our dedicated North London Off Road Venue.

So did the client have a good day?

Our questionnaire below:

Providing you with the very best activities and packages is very important to us.

We constantly review all procedures so that you benefit and receive only the best packages available.

I would appreciate if you could complete a small questionnaire and give me your feedback.

Would you use Adventure Connections again?

“Yes to all

Everything ran smoothly and the staff and organisation at off road site were excellent

My clients were very happy so thank you for all your help”

This is highly valuable to us, it provides independent evidence that we’re doing a good job, furthermore since an enormous amount of our business is repeat from past happy clients it’s absolutely imperative we get it right every time. This time it’s for an off road experience, next time it may be sailing in the Solent or Champagne on the London Eye all with our bespoke and seamless event management process backing it all up.

Would you benefit from a service that’s not only interested in your current corporate entertainment requests (our full attention will be focused on the current requests), but ideally to surpass your expectations and look forward to a long business relationship providing all your corporate entertainment requirements?

That’s our incentive and your insurance that we will pull out all the stops to make sure your event, whether it’s for you or one of your clients – exceptional. You can find here more testimonials and happy quotes from our clients.

Please get in touch we love to talk…