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Love Across The Globe

Romance-around-the-globeThe top romantic locations in the world

As Valentine’s Day approaches we’re looking at how love differs across the planet, and what are considered the most romantic locations and events that 2016 has to offer. Here you’ll also find a few different ways to say I love you. (That’ll stick the cherry on your next romantic trip!) Remember to leave this page open for your partner to stumble upon!

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Three major benefits of team building activities

Team Building Mini Adventure

Team Building is an essential part of running a company

Booking a team building activity is a fantastic idea that not only rejuvenates your team, but ensures improvements in the quality of their work. If keeping your staff happy and motivated isn’t a priority for you, then you need to re-evaluate what’s at the top of your list. Making sure your team are well looked after and in a working environment they enjoy is incredibly important for any business. After all, you probably wouldn’t have got very far without the contributions of your staff – running a successful business by yourself is a pretty hard job! So how do you get your team motivated?

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Mother’s Day gifts to remember








It’s time to really spoil our mums

We can treat our mums to a luxurious set of chocolates or beautiful bouquet of flowers any day of the year. But when it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s about going that extra mile to show how much you and your family really appreciate everything your mum has done. It’s time to spoil your mums on Sunday 9th March with some special treats! Listed below are our favourite Mother’s Day activities…

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Zorb Football, & Binocular Football

Zorb Football

We’re just playing for fun… right?

Choosing the right team building activity for your company can be a tough decision, but at Adventure Connections, we’re on hand to offer a whole range of team exercises that you may not have even heard of!

In this blog, we’re going to tell you a bit more about two of our favourite football based activities that we recently partook in ourselves whilst in Brighton; Zorb Football, and Binocular Football (with a twist). Now team building may be about bringing your staff closer together through team work, but pitching half of them against the other half for a bit of competitive madness works a treat! Here’s our experience… Read the rest of this entry

16 Unique Engagement Ideas


Put a ring on it

Tying the knot is a special and memorable experience for every happy couple, and considered to be one of life’s greatest moments. Everybody has a different perception of the perfect proposal, whether that be a dramatic setting such as at the peak of a mountain or at your family home in front of friends and relatives. However, you have to be careful not to cross the line that separates an unforgettable romantic moment and the massive cheese-fest that will make everyone you know curl in to a ball and cringe for hours.

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