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Pub Crawl in Brighton

23rd February 2017

With all of the nitty-gritty planning occupying every spare moment you’ve got in preparation for your best mate’s stag do, it’s easy to neglect some of the essentials. Tragically, the all important pub crawl isn’t often missed off the list. Luckily for you, Adventure Connections has put together a guide for an all round thrilling […]

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Boost that Post-Christmas Morale with a Team Building Event

26th January 2017

The Christmas period is a wonderful and magical time of year, so it’s only natural that a lot of staff suffer from post-Christmas blues when they have to return to work. January presents an ideal opportunity to bring your staff together, refocus and engage their attention, but most importantly motivate your force so their working efficiency […]

Adventure Connections Christmas Party

Introducing Adventure Connections 5.0

26th January 2017

Our trusted and beloved website (version 4.0) has at long last been put to rest after serving us humbly for the past 16 years. If you’re lucky enough to have visited our site in 2017, you will have seen the site’s new transformation complete with our new Trip Builder function!

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My best Friend’s Wedding – The Quasi Spiritual Event (PART 7)

2nd December 2016

And it goes on… The second Saturday of July is the official date of the nuptials of the century and 275 Save the Date cards have been sent out. So far so good. Christmas has come and gone and the all New Year celebrations seem to ride on the fact that it is finally The […]

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My Best Friend’s Wedding – Activities! (PART 6)

13th November 2016

Titanic, Bikini, Dancing and Pop videos? Oh my God, just when you think things can’t get any worse, they take a Titanic nose dive further into depths, far further than you ever imagined. Honestly, this bloody wedding – it’s hi-jacking a year of my life and it’s not even my big day. Resolution: When or […]

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My best friends Wedding – Do the Bustle! (PART 5)

30th October 2016

Do the Bustle! What is it about a wedding dress that is so seductive? I mean, I’m not even the bride, I have never fantasised about (potentially) my own wedding dress yet, going into the three boutiques that Marina had chosen was really…well…exciting.

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My best friends wedding – Module 2 (PART 4)

21st September 2016

Part 4… Choosing the wedding dress OK, we have a chocolate and pink template but not much else. So we kick off with the wedding dress shopping experience. My God, with all the inherent drama, it should be a reality TV programme on Channel 5.

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My best friends wedding – NVQ (PART 3)

21st August 2016

Part 3… An NVQ In Bridesmaiding is not a bad idea: Brides like pregnant ladies can get weepy. If the brides are pregnant they are even weepier. Let’s face it there’s lots to get weepy about.

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Fancy Dressed Stag Party

17th August 2016

Are you the best man? Thinking of stitching up the groom? Are you the groom? Thinking of theming your stag party? Whatever the case, we’ve come up with a list of the best, upcoming fancy dress attire from the frontline of the stag party industry, because “Glen’s stag party” t-shirts were so 2008.   Super […]

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Our Top Summer Team Building Activities

11th July 2016

Isn’t it time you got out the office and had some team building fun? We all know that a happy, motivated work force increases efficiency and production, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the sunshine and book your staff a team building day!  Here are our top corporate team building picks for […]

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