Stories from the frontline of the Stag and Hen market

Stag party on a budget


Less money doesn’t mean less fun!

Times are hard and when it comes down to a stag party, people don’t want to be digging into their savings on a weekend away, the new car fund, the holiday fund, the wife’s new earring fund, all down the drain… However you can’t afford to look at it that way, you need a weekend away, a weekend to celebrate and not just any weekend, the biggest, maddest weekend of your lives! Read the rest of this entry




Teambuilding – Yay or Nay?

Team-building, for those who didn’t know, is the process of making your employees work as a team, rather than as individuals. Now many businesses may be put off by the thought of Read the rest of this entry

So what is a DMC?









If you book a DMC are you expecting some Hip Hop?

Well it all depends on who’s asking the question? If it was someone who enjoys classic hip hop, they may have miss took the question for the classic Run DMC, and the infamous “Walk this way” this would have brought back smiles and a memory of a time gone by, but no that’s not the DMC I’m thinking of today. Read the rest of this entry

Notorious Brighton – Spring Break



Spring break may not be as “cool” as it is in the states but if there’s one thing that we Brits know, it’s how party. In this blog we are going  to explore why Brighton is the place to be seen this spring break and why you NEED to be a part of it.  Read the rest of this entry

Christmas Gift Ideas


What They Really Want!

Christmas is the time of giving, receiving and sharing, whether it be the family time, the gifts or the simply the food, Christmas is one of the happiest times of year! A time to forget the cold and embrace each other with a festive smile! But everyone wants more than just a smile so this blog is going to explore what they really want this Christmas!  Read the rest of this entry