Stories from the frontline of the Stag and Hen market

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay


New years eve at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

Hogmanay – AKA the last day of the year! If you didn’t know already, the Scotts love a good party and Hogmanay is one of the biggest there is; festivities usually start on the 30th December and start wrapping up around the 2nd of January (but you are also going to want to book off a couple of extra rest days to get rid of that hangover!) The actual origins of Hogmanay are unclear but the tradition is thick in the roots and a fantastic excuse to extend the Christmas holidays into the new year!

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Exclusive to Adventure Connections


Our exclusive properties

We have a fantastic range of self catering houses, apartments, mansions and cottages for hire in locations across the UK, and our favourite ones are exclusive to us!

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Heading South For Winter?


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas…

There’s a million reasons to stay at home for Christmas but we’re here to show you that there is a place outside the comfort zone this year! Read the rest of this entry

Gay Pride 2014



What’s the point?

The LGBT community thrives in Brighton and once a year the city opens it’s doors to the world, often referred to as“the gay capital of Europe” it’s really not hard to believe that Read the rest of this entry

Stag party on a budget


Less money doesn’t mean less fun!

Times are hard and when it comes down to a stag party, people don’t want to be digging into their savings on a weekend away, the new car fund, the holiday fund, the wife’s new earring fund, all down the drain… However you can’t afford to look at it that way, you need a weekend away, a weekend to celebrate and not just any weekend, the biggest, maddest weekend of your lives! Read the rest of this entry